Verbos irregulares en inglés – go, buy, see

Verbos irregulares en inglés – go, buy, see

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Grammar: Irregular Verbs – go, buy, see

Of the many common irregular verbs used in English, let’s look at the following three: go, buy, and see. You will come across these words often in your speech. These verbs are irregular because their past tense is very different from the present.

In English, we add –ed to the end of a verb to make it past tense; for example,

walk→walked        love→loved        cook→cooked

Some verbs in English are irregular though, so instead of adding –ed to the end of the verb, the past tense form of the verb changes in another way. Look at these common irregular verbs, and see how their past form is different.

Present tense Past tense
go went
buy bought
see saw

Read the dialogue below and take the quiz to check your knowledge.

Jane: Did you go to the grocery today?

Alex: Yes, I went to the grocery after work.

Jane: What did you buy?

Alex: I bought some fruit, bread, and eggs.

Jane: Did you see anyone there?

Alex: Yes, I saw my old girlfriend Jenny.

Talk about it: What other irregular verbs do you know? What is the past tense of speak?

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