Idiom: A Natural

Intermediate: Idiom: A Natural “A natural” is a person with natural talent. If someone is a natural, it means that they have an innate talent for an activity. It means, this is a person who is naturally talented at something. They may or may not have trained, but they do a specific activity very well.

¿Cuánto inglés sabes? Averigua si eres Wachu o…

Cuando te enfrentas al aprendizaje del idioma inglés, ¿actúas como Wachu? O sea, cuando te encuentras en la encrucijada de la duda, entre el pronombre y el artículo, entre el pasado y el futuro imperfecto… ¿te lanzas a la aventura y a la improvisación o eres más cauteloso y estudioso? Averígualo comprobando tu personalidad de

Mini lección – Los distintos usos de la palabra “right”

It all starts with a “right”. It can be an adjective, a noun, an adverb, and even a verb. In a sentence, it can mean something is correct, or it can be used to say you agree. Some words have more than one meaning. You say “right” to tell someone that they are correct. You can

Mini Lesson: Qué significa la expresión «turn around” en inglés

Turn around = to turn in the opposite direction The phrasal verb «turn around» means to turn in the opposite direction or to turn and move in the opposite direction. Remember though, there is also the noun “turnaround” which has different meanings. To turn around, you must go in the opposite direction. It is very

Idioms: To call the shots

To call the shots = to make the decisions No, it’s not about shooting a gun, or calling it for that matter. If you call the shots, you are the boss. You make the decisions. A manager or leader calls the shots. They make the decisions and tell people what to do. Read the dialogue

Idioms: on the fence

On the Fence = to be undecided about something The idiom «on the fence» is used when someone is undecided about something. If you are undecided, you have not made a decision about what to do. You may do one thing, or you may do another. You need to make a choice. Read the dialogue

Idioms: Reality Check

Idiom: Reality Check Are a dreamer? Has anybody ever asked you to “get back to Earth?” Let’s look at the idiom reality check. A reality check is an honest evaluation of what is true and what is possible. It means, to objectively consider the circumstances at hand, instead of getting carried away with potential circumstances

Mini Lesson: One Phrasal verb, two meanings: “turn down”

Turn down: to say no/decline an offer, or to lower a setting on something. Today’s lesson is about the phrasal verb, «turn down». This phrasal verb has two meanings: to reject someone or something or to lower the setting on something. Lesson: To turn down = 1. To reject a person, a thing, or an

English phrases to grow your vocab: “Gotcha!”

Gotcha = I understand you; I got your meaning In English, we often use the slang word gotcha to show that we got someone’s meaning, it is a common way of communicating when you understand someone’s idea. Gotcha comes from “got you” = I got you; I get it, where “get” is used as a synonym

Idioms in English – to wait on someone hand and foot

Have you ever waited on someone hand and foot? To wait on someone hand and foot is to take care of them very well. When you do everything for someone, you take care of all of someone’s needs, you are waiting on them hand and foot. The idiom “to wait on someone hand and foot”